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Link UPDATE: The chairman of the company has been sentenced to death.... Today in my ongoing series of photos from my travels: these hairy parody rockers who showed up in the back of a truck after one of the sessions at last year's Picnic conference in Amsterdam, all spandex and Cousin It wigs. Jonathan Taplin's blog: smart reading about the economy, politics, media and communications.



It was originally written in C and of course is old (created before 1983 which is ancient in Internet time).

A year or so later he ported it to various versions of Unix running X-Windows, using the TCL/Tk scripting language and gui toolkit. The "5-in-1 Office Tool" is basically a leatherman whose body has been replaced with a pocket calculator. In a fascinating article, the LA Times reports that as many as one million working-class people in China have been fleeced of their hard-earned savings in an ant farming pyramid scheme run by a company with close ties to the Chinese government. Researchers at the National University of Singapore have published a study that shows that photos and smells of delicious food cause us to make bad risk analysis and make impulse purchases: In the first experiment, Li asked participants to act as "photo editors of a magazine" and choose among either appetite stimulating pictures of food or non-appetite stimulating pictures of nature. All were then asked to participate in a lottery that would either pay them less money sooner or more money later.



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