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And Page, in full hammy baddie mode, gets big laughs for the lone non-Bono number, an update of the Rodgers and Hart classic ”I’ll Take Manhattan” delivered with malevolent glee.

(The rest of the cast tends to blend together — except for poor Michael Mulheren, who stands out in the wrong ways as the unpleasantly gruff, ostentatiously unfunny .

Once I had the part, I said, "Julie, I know you like my band, I don't know if there's room for the band in the show, but if you're interested I know my band would love to do it." And it just worked out.

Bono and the Edge wanted a band because they come from a band.

(Most is in the second act.) And it’s worth noting that given the layout of the Foxwoods Theatre, the first dozen or so rows in the orchestra section are actually less than ideal seats — unless you don’t mind rubbernecking to see the action going on above and behind you.

You don’t have to crane your neck to admire many of the lead performances.

But when Porridge takes the stage in the new, Tony-nominated revival of “Pippin,” the audience bursts into one long “aw True, as “Pippin” star Matthew James Thomas points out, Porridge is “ridiculously cute,” but then, he’s biased: Porridge is his dog.

Soaring through the air nightly, playing in a band, hanging out with music legend, Bono — this might sound like the ultimate rockstar fantasy, but, for Reeve Carney, it's just life.


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