Are shane west and mandy moore dating now

The multi-talented actress is engaged to her boyfriend, Taylor Goldsmith. While he sings and plays guitar, his brother Griffin Goldsmith plays the drums. College Tour in 2013, when their album Stories Don’t End, sold 65,000 copies.

Mandy Moore’s fiancé may not be as famous as her, but he’s a very cool guy. Wylie Gelber on the bass and Lee Pardini on the keyboard complete Dawes. They toured and promoted their music but their most recognizable venture is touring with the one and only Bob Dylan. Goldsmith admitted that opening for a great singer-songwriter such as Dylan was a challenge.

They may be having a literal breakup in the video, but in reality, this is one happy couple.


Though they dated for a short while, they remain friends to this day.

Dawes made its television debut in 2010, performing on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson.


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