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In order to obtain an homogeneous product we took English language as the communication language and kept our own languages to express diversity within the unity.It was necessary hence to find out the translations of the poems, translate them if there were no translations found or provide a short description of them. ^^ / ELBA - Electronic Book for Adults The accomplishment of this previous intellectual work seems to us very advisable before starting any work or technical process, since to study and know the purpose of the tasks we are carrying out always stimulate and enrich the formative process.^^ / ELBA - Electronic Book for Adults Table of Contents The ELBA Project 4 Prologue 6 Foreword 9 Cypriot Literature 10 Greek Literature Ill Italian Literature 273 Lithuanian Literature 421 Spanish Literature 481 Acknowledgements 621 Bibliography 622 Appendix 628 ^^ / ELBA - Electronic Book for Adults 4 [Index] The ELBA Project [Greek] [Mian] [ Lithuanian ] [ Spanish ] ELBA project (Electronic Book for Adults) is a three years of European experience that lead together several institutions coming from different European countries (Spain, Greece, Italy, Cyprus, Lithuania ).In this section of the e-Book some project partners wanted to express what working in ELBA has meant for them and they wanted to share this with the wider audience.

The result of this work was a collection of more than 250 poems belonging to writers of five countries and written in four different languages.Hitherto we have focused our work on the definition of the realization of the electronic book, in other words the material product we had in mind.Firstly, the electronic book took us to the study of the nature and structure of this sort of books.In addition, the queries of work which will be requested in the rising Knowledge Society involve an increasing amount of information and highly dynamic knowledge which move quickly with the times.

Within this general framework we wanted to contribute with the present project find new ways to work and to organize the work - coordinated and distributed - and to study experimental new methodologies applied to the edition through technical skills of the new task requirements.This has given a great added value and improved the "excellence" activities; these achieved results will surely positively affect the future plans and projects.


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