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wild." Petra enticed Camille with the statement: Writer/director Donald Cammell's (director of Performance (1970)) tawdry, soft-core erotic thriller (with the tagline: "Going Too Far Was Just the Beginning") was about a love triangle including two lesbians.

The film was heavily re-edited by the studio to avoid being unrated or receiving an NC-17 rating, and was released directly to video and cable TV.

Cameron Michelle Diaz (born August 30, 1972) is an American actress, producer, and former fashion model.


She then removed her sweater to reveal her breasts, and let the male fondle her.

Its campy, dramatically-sleazy story was about the sex industry. Many viewers found the non-stop nudity almost boring after awhile. Some of you have probably heard that I'm a prick - I am a prick. She escaped and prowled the LA singles scene looking to procreate with a suitable male mate to provide her with the genetic seed necessary to have offspring for colonization.

It took an uncensored look at cheap Las Vegas strip clubs and shows (beginning with pole-dancing at the low-class Cheetah) and higher-class hotel shows and their headliner dancers. During the dance audition scene, Tony Moss (Alan Rachins) introduced himself: "Okay, ladies. The beauteous murderous creature enticingly seduced men in many scenes by becoming naked and aggressively demanding sex (a reversal of normal sex roles), especially in one hot tub sequence. Whether impregnated or not, she would kill her shocked male victims, Black-Widow style.

Subsequently, she lost her boyfriend, was shunned by her sorority sisters, and suffered confusion and terror.

She was even accused of raping the aggressive male: "You raped him." When she finally took a stand against the rape and made strong allegations (with support from a campus women's group), her actions led to both positive and negative consequences.In this psycho-sexual thriller (similar in part to The Silence of the Lambs (1991) and Basic Instinct (1992)), brilliant, cool blonde criminal psychologist Dr.


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