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Pope then countered with Avril Lavigne"s 2002 breakout hit "Complicated," summoning the original's angry-girl flair.

The competition heated up in round two, which yielded the evening's standout performances.

It was supposed to be a fun retreat to encourage healing, but Tyler soon learns this definitely isn't going to be very relaxing. Eleven years later, Ryan has not written anything else but instead spends his days with a revolving door of lovers and fair weather friends.

Instead, a wild fling full of sex, drugs, and ukulele screamo Tyler Joseph has been at St. By the urging of his friend Z Berg, he attends a party thrown by a rapidly rising musician who has earned more money in the past two years than he knows what to do with.

The full episode will air on Wednesday 20 December but you can watch the teaser video below.




5," accompanied by an ensemble of brightly-dressed dancers and lit-up palm trees.

There is mentions of addiction, abuse, sexism, and homophobia if that triggers you then please proceed with caution After an exciting three months in the intensive care ward at St. The only thing worse than being in the hospital for five years, is being told that he has to move downstairs. Then Tyler realizes, they might be the only thing keeping him sane. He never had to grow up with a single want except for his excessive desire to create and to share.


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