Christians dating hindus

Please take advantage of the “like” feature so we can get a sense of which questions are of most interest to readers.At the end of the day, I’ll send the top 7-8 questions to Dana and Fred for response. It would also help if you could provide me the details of people who have been in a similar situation.At the same time it would also help if you could point me to a "best practices" manual for Hindu/Christian marriages which would provide some guidelines for us.Second Corinthians (KJV) tells us not to be “unequally yoked” with an unbeliever.

I do respect Christianity, but we will have to have a Hindu marriage.

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Some general case study guidelines are available to aid in your reflection and discussion. I am a Hindu and am trying to decide whether to marry a Christian girl from the Assembly of God denomination (she converted from Hinduism 3 years ago). While my parents expect her to follow my religion after marriage, I am of the view that she can follow her Christian religion, but that she should partake in my Hindu religious activities as well.

Read it through and then decide how you would answer him.When looking at a marriage partner who will be my other half (two bodies, one soul), I think it's very reasonable for me to ask of her to participate in my religious obligations (which are not many).


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