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You can buy alcohol in top hotels, licensed venues, and in some stores.

However, drinking in public or drunken behavior in general is regarded as a serious offence punishable by a fine, prison, or even deportation.

The head of government is Prime Minister Khalifa bin Salman Al-Kahlifa, who has been in office since 1971 and is the longest-serving prime minister in the world!

The legal system is a mixture of Islamic law and English common law.

The second-biggest religious group is the significant Christian minority that makes up 14.5% of the population.

All the main islands are connected by bridges, and there is a causeway linking Bahrain with the Saudi Arabian mainland via the island of Umm an-Nasan.Don’t let the atmosphere of religious tolerance in everyday life tempt you into disregarding local customs or religious practice.Foreigners, especially Western women, should refrain from wearing revealing clothing in public or behaving immodestly in any way. Though married couples may hold hands, public displays of affection are not allowed, particularly during Ramadan.With a population of just over 1.3 million people, Bahrain may be small, but it is also the fourth most densely populated sovereign state in the world.

With Bahraini nationals only accounting for 48% of the population, you’ll find expats from all corners of the world.If you plan to frequently travel by air during your time in Bahrain, keep the following in mind: you may be denied boarding if you show any signs of intoxication, and may be prevented from leaving the country if you are involved in any legal proceedings, have outstanding debtslaunch of the public transportation system in 2015.


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