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Like the scenes prior, this scene was filmed on April 10.Scene 11/Scene 12: The following morning, Khloé drives her sisters and the GOAT Steph to Tristan’s newly Khloé-fied home.

Even though fan favorites Kris and Kylie Jenner were only spoken about (or seen via Face Time) in the episode, we’re going to give them a pass because they most likely needed a few extra vacations days after (allegedly, and most likely unknowingly? The rest of the family returned with a new opener, featuring sleep-inducing music and old family footage, and a re-vamp confessional moment with two Kardashians for the price of one.

According to Cait, Robert confided in her that he knew O. Simpson was guilty, and only defended him because he was a dear friend.

The Kardashians are adamant about this being a lie, and wish for Cait to keep their father’s name out of her lying mouth.

Malika reminds Kris that every shady thing Cait has ever done will come to light.

Kris feels comforted by that, and before hanging up, asks for one more cheer from the group and for Khloé to check up on Kendall and Kylie.Scene 5: The Kardashians, Everybody’s Favorite Best Friend (EFBF) Malika, and EFBF Malika’s former identical twin sister, Khadijah, board a private jet to Cleveland, Ohio!


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