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he older unicorns had the letter U on an all black sweater, same with the JRS, midget's had a emblem of a U with two unicorns facing each other on long sides of the U. Hawaiian 37th they hung around 37th Wallace in Bridgeport. In Bridgeport in the early 60s, 28th Canal St was known as the island, a Mexican gang called Spanish Chancellors wore black & dark blue sweaters hung out there. They were allies with the Cornell Dukes, Bishops, and Muscaddulers. Their cross had 5 slashes, 1 on each side top and bottom, one on top of the cross. Their sweaters were Black with deep purple stripes ,with an emblem. Some of the Saints from Davis Square hung out in there too.

Hangouts: Dinahs restaurant 43rd and South Richmond across from Five Holy Martyrs church; Gunsaulus school: On whipple between 44th and South 45th Street, Drank beer dice games 16 inch softball, plus mischief.White Nation or White Berets were white greasers from all over the Southside who wore white berets and fought with blacks and Latinos.



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    Gillberry, I have not yet had access to all the parish registers for all dates, all wills, nor examined all the census returns.

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    The reason for the slight difference in dating is the imbalance in the population in Russia; due to sheer lack of men it is simply harder to find a husband for Russian brides or Russian women.

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    Try a search in New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago or Houston.

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    HAPPN: HAPPN, a French joint stock company (Société par Actions Simplifiée) with paid-in capital of €36 486,44 registered with the Paris RCS (trade and companies registry) as 535 217 723, and owner and sole operator of the HAPPN application and trademark.

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    In WISHBONE versetzt Bufo Makmal das Publikum in einen magischen Raum, in dem Grenzen verwischt werden zwischen knochenharter Wirklichkeit, Wunsch und Illusion. Im Gefängnis trifft sie auf den ebenfalls um Glanz und Gloria bemühten Showstar Velma Kelly.

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