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Μάθετε περισσότερα, μεταξύ άλλων για τις διαθέσιμες δυνατότητες: Πολιτική για τα cookies.When I moved here six years ago, I was like so many young people.Resting its jaw atop her curls, it bared fangs that dripped with ectoplasmic venom. Martin tended to them with peroxide and slathered them with antibiotic ointment while she vented about the girls at school. He kissed her on the forehead, and she looked at him with her mother’s faded blue eyes.When he finished, he stuffed both holes with cotton because he’d run out of gauze and patted her cheek. Read more: HTML The hours had passed with the miraculous rapidity which tinctures time when one is on the river, and now overhead the moon was a gorgeous yellow lantern in a greyish purple sky.My mother rushed around the parlour, spraying herself with icy water as she tried to bleed the blush from her cheeks.She couldn’t look too desperate, we couldn’t, she said, meaning me. “It would take a lifetime to tell you.” He stared out the window at the yellow sun and the red sun. But that was minor, really, when there were so many other things he had to get used to. That’s how many suicide attempts it took to get me committed to Pleasant Gardens, where I scratched at my wrists and tried not to look at my older brother Pete standing a careful foot away. Love those.” Something about the way he said “love” made my ears perk up. ” Read more: HTML Ruben felt different the moment he awoke, but wasn’t sure until he looked in the mirror. The eyes looking back weren’t his, yet he recognized them as he would his own. He was only twelve or thirteen the first time it crawled into his skin, but he hadn’t been afraid, and when he/she/it had gone again, he felt hollow, like an empty house, his own lonely voice echoing off his bare inner walls.I came to the big city holding tight to my dreams, and I envisioned a burgeoning creative community that would welcome me with open arms. A string of dead-end jobs, a few sticks of secondhand furniture, and a shockingly blasé attitude toward child abduction. After six years of searching for some greater substance to Derry, I’m here to tell you: there isn’t one.


The old-fashioned soda fountain was charming, and people seemed open-minded and friendly, if a little… That’s bleak, but it’s the truth, and it’s not just me. Plus, it’s an absolute ordeal to date in this town. No joke, I’ve actually had girls ask if I’m going to literally transform into their dead abusive father and crawl out of their fridge, like their last boyfriend. The modern architecture along the main drag, which they rebuilt after some massive explosion a while ago that destroyed half the town and that nobody can seem to remember (talk about a lack of community), is breathtaking.Her hair was the colour of oaten straw in autumn and her deep blue eyes were dark in the gathering night. Downtown, rooftops and bars would be crowded with spectators. Each letter of his name was a polished pearl upon a string, the tongue a pink, velvet pad beneath them.


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