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This method can be utilized while traveling or in case you do not have a Tupperware at hand and your fridge is full of food.

A zip bag can serve as a nice temporary humidor for cigars.

We already know that there are different ways of storing cigars, except humidors, such as igloodors, tupperdos and fridgedors.

Still these devices are not always ready at hand, that's why here we reveal one more secret about storage in homemade conditions.

These so-called temporary humidors are pervious to becoming too much dampened because of the plastic interior.

The latter cannot cope with the extra moisture, so be sure not to overfill the humidifier! It is also important to remember that all these devices do not allow a normal air-circulation as the humidors do.

There is one more way to store your cigars without obtaining a humidor.


Such item as water pillow is very useful when storing cigars in a small plastic reservoir.

It is also possible to utilize a turned on freezer which has a lot of space and is free of other food (make sure to set the humidity to the highest level available).


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