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“Something’s come up and I’d like to reschedule for another time.” That’s a good flake because she still wants to see you. Before the date, arrange with a friend to call you during the date or send you a text. If she looks nothing like those photos or is too unattractive to you for some reason, you might be in a tight spot. When you bounce venues and you have any time on foot, tell her to take your arm. Lest my readers think that I am too pro-masculine, a future blog post will be about protocol for women regarding their first date from online dating.Thankfully, you’ve arranged for the bail-out call in advance. Egregious online dating profile lies should not be encouraged. In your conversation, avoid the heavy topics like religion, politics, and past relationships. Warning: I will be dishing up some inside information.

Do you know how many men actually show such confidence? You obviously picked something simple like ice cream or maybe a trip to the bookstore. Happy hours are good because it’s relatively inexpensive and if the date goes really well you can segue to dinner, preferably at another pace because of reasons discussed below. Also, it’s a public space so your date should feel comfortable.

However if I was to go on a first time online date now, I would actually be surprised if I didn’t end up having sex.

(Note: That’s not to say that’s all I look for when going on a date.

The impression I believe has been formed by the general public of PUA’s when they entered the public consciousness through books and reality tv shows in the mid 2000’s, is of guys who approached, and through the use of verbal trickery attempted to seduce women.

While there is certainly some valid criticism of PUA’s, as I write about in a later article, I personally don’t believe in the use of any kind of verbal trickery (lies, insults) to build attraction with the opposite sex.

I first tried online dating almost ten years ago when I moved to a new town for my first post college job, where my social circle consisted of two male friends.


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