For sex in wechat

With them (Singaporeans), I can just say anything and they will easily believe me," said Janice.

A PROWLING GROUND FOR SCAMMERSEven though a large number of Singaporeans are considered relatively Internet-savvy, some seeking companionship turn to online dating sites where many "love scammers" operate, said experts.

In the Philippines, that is equivalent to a senior manager’s monthly salary.

So lucrative is her trade that she has since introduced the skill of scamming to her neighbour.

When Airbnb first entered China, it had no name — it literally did not even have a Chinese name.

In fact, businesses have used We Chat to 1) spread awareness, 2) enhance engagement, 3) drive revenue and 4) provide value-added services for the vast market in China. Spreading Awareness Airbnb first launched its We Chat public account in September 2014, just one day before the Mid-Autumn Festival.


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