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Divina vero sapientia, quae ad sui fruitionem hominem fecerat eum sui inexpertem esse non sinens, totum se in humanam naturam contulit, eam modo sibi assumendo mirabili, ut errantem hominem ad se totaliter revocaret.

Huius igitur sapientiae claritatem nube mortalitatis velatam, primus apostolorum princeps fide conspicere meruit, et eam constanter absque errore et plenarie confiteri, dicens tu es Christus filius Dei vivi.

The words of some authors are few, where I usually added from the Glosses.

So he entered human nature totally, assuming it to himself in a wonderful way, so that he could call wandering man back totally to himself.

The first prince of apostles merited to see by faith the brightness of this wisdom, covered with the cloud of mortality, and he constantly, fully, and without error testified to it, saying, "You are the Christ, the Son of the living God." O blessed testimony, which flesh and blood did not reveal, but the heavenly Father.

Fuit autem mea intentio in hoc opere non solum sensum prosequi litteralem, sed etiam mysticum ponere; interdum etiam errores destruere, nec non confirmare Catholicam veritatem.

Quod quidem necessarium fuisse videtur, quia in Evangelio praecipue forma fidei Catholicae traditur et totius vitae regula Christianae. Fieri enim non potuit ut haec omnia sine diminutione prosequerer, et tot sanctorum sententias explicarem, omnimoda brevitate servata.

My intention in this work was to present not merely the literal meaning, but also the mystical meaning, and sometimes also to refute errors and confirm the Catholic truth.


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