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“During my residency in endodontics, I earned my master’s degree on researching the accuracy of cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) in detecting periradicular pathology.

During this period, I was exposed to all types of CBCT machines and I learned about their limitations and capabilities.

To facilitate their understanding, I use a big-screen TV that enables patients to see their anatomy in lifelike 3D images as I review them.

An educated patient can make an informed decision, and there’s nothing better than that.

Even packaging up the DICOM files to send with a patient who is moving out of the area is just a couple of mouse clicks away. I purchased the CS 9300 primarily for implant diagnosing and treatment planning, but we have been pleasantly surprised how much we use it for all diagnosis.

We just copy the data to a memory device or CD and send it to the future dentist, with no real effort on our part. I truly don’t know how we could practice without it—we have already taken over 2400 scans with our new system.

Implant planning software included with the CS 9300 is easy to use and is a powerful asset.



In just seconds, CS Airway module automatically segments and measures upper airway—making it easier for you to analyze them, as well as share your treatment recommendations with patients.Rather than taking an image from ear to ear, like a panograph, the CS 9300 allows me to limit the field of exposure to only my area of interest, which reduces patient exposure to X-ray energy and doesn’t expose the tissue to unnecessary radiation if it’s not involved in my study.In addition, having the option to limit my field of view means I can obtain images with higher clarity.Patient education is greatly improved with CBCT imaging.


I am a big proponent of making sure my patients thoroughly grasp their procedure before I proceed.

CS Model Discover a whole new way to create digital models with CS Model.



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