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Criminal inadmissibility to Canada as a result of a DUI or DWI can be overcome in two different ways: Temporary Solution The first option is a Temporary Resident Permit (TRP), which lets a person enter or stay in Canada for a specific period of time provided they have a valid reason to visit.

The Temporary Resident Permit is extremely helpful for individuals who are not yet eligible for the permanent solution of Criminal Rehabilitation, and TRPs can be valid for multiple visits for as long as three years provided the individual's application is strong enough.


Sherbrooke police learned of the allegations against the teacher in the last few days. Deemed Rehabilitation You may be deemed rehabilitated under Canadian immigration law if you only have a single DUI conviction that is a misdemeanor, and enough time has passed since completion of your full sentence which includes jail time, probation, reinstatement of license, and payment of all fines.If it has been more than ten years since the completion of your sentence, and you have nothing else on your criminal record, Canadian immigration authorities may disregard your prior DUI conviction and allow you to visit the country.If you have two or more drunk driving violations or other excludable criminal convictions on your record, however, you will never be deemed rehabilitated by virtue of time and may be inadmissible to Canada without a Temporary Resident Permit or Criminal Rehabilitation even 20 years later.


It is advisable that even if you may be deemed rehabilitated by the simple passage of time you have a legal opinion letter prepared to explain the exact situation to Canadian immigration authorities.

To overcome criminal inadmissibility to Canada, a person must correctly apply for and then successfully receive permission from Canadian legal authorities to visit the country.


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