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Results indicated that the amounts of peroxides obviously increased with the plasma treated time and treat power, and the maximum concentration of peroxide can reach about 6.0×10.


Physicochemical properties including size, residue composition, overall charge, hydrophobicity, and amphipathic structure were taken into consideration while designing synthetic AMPs.

Among the Candida species, Candida albicans remains the predominant species that causes invasive candidiasis in most countries.

In this study, we used two peptides, KABT-AMP and uperin 3.6 as templates to develop novel antifungal peptides.

Their anticandidal activity was assessed using a combination of MIC, time-killing assay and biofilm reduction assay.


Hybrid peptides, KU2 and KU3 containing a mixed backbone of KABT-AMP and Uperin 3.6 demonstrated the most potent anticandidal activity with MIC values ranging from 8–16 mg/L.

The optimum processing condition was to apply 30 W power with 10 min of treatment to achieve the maximum surface grafting efficiency.



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