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Hiromitsu character is made with the purpose to make we all fall in love with him. but omg hiromitsu really melt my heart, he's lit the best thing! i remember liking him on manga but i JUST STRAIGHT LOVE HIM IN THIS MOVIE! T For me it was the best comedy drama I've ever watched. And it was one of rare times when I prefered more the other guy - Hiromitsu. And then one day I miss it, when I looking for a romantic comedy I stumbled into this one.And I really really happy because this movie unexpectedly good.The best part about this, compared to the manga, is how Rita had shown his emotions which made me understand him more. Usually, when I saw the "comical" movies, like live action from manga / anime, I watched it just for laugh, and enjoyed the story.. This isn't just comical, but the actor could portrayed the character greatly!I really hated (on the manga) it when Hatori chose him even after all the BS Rita gave her. TLDR, it's perfect and a must watch if you really like Shoujo mangas. I really could feel the "feelings" of each character ^^ Love them!Thanks I'm not a big fan of Japanese movies but this one was definitely worth my time and I love the way things were edited the storyline is just hilarious and touching I love how things ended it was perfect the acting was just right I mean Hatori was perfectly acted by Mirei Kiritani I LOVE HER thank u for making my day 100% recommend If I were to put myself in Hatori's shoes, I don't think I'd be able to handle Rita. And it's true that for a person with a lot of emotional baggage, you would want to care for them more and as a result, you'd fall in love with them more. On the other hand, Mirei and Kentaro did a good job.They expressed their emotions neatly throughout the film. I liked the movie version more than the manga to be honest (I'm surprised myself, it's a rare thing right? It's really funny how they were able to show Hatori's face as well and how annoyed Nakajima is all the time lol.Hatori Matsuzaki (Mirei Kiritani) is a female high school student.

This film was already in my laptop and I decided to watch another movie that I already downloaded too. Mirei is so funny especially when she scream "Nakajima" and those facial expression XD AND I'M FALLING FOR KENTARO OMG.

I love the story how the heroine feels like she is not the heroine anymore hahah I often daydreaming about being a heroine as well This movie is so good! Kento acting is still in "NG" level now.if he dares to choose more difficult role not only shojo..bcause recently he gain so many critics on twitter of other forums, most manga reader entitle him as "shojo actor" this is not good for him as an a professional actor. Most of the shojou live action before, the story line kinda sad.


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    If you’re still not convinced, a preview function gives you even more thumbnails, so you can be sure that the knockers are right for you.

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