Middlesex mcc campus cruiser


Because of special restrictions that require a manual override in the registration process, you must register in person.

These special restrictions may exist because of your academic status, your major, or co-requisites that cannot be checked by the web registration systems. You will need to submit an Application for Graduation through Web Advisor.

Your Net ID is a unique digital identifier, which grants access to many online and network services offered by Middlesex County College including email, Office 365, and Canvas (online access to courses).

Submit a Change of Residency Form to Enrollment Service located in West Hall, Academic Services Building.

The college will be phasing out Campus Cruiser at the end of the fall semester.

You’ll be able to register before in-person registration begins. You may register when you want, not just when the enrollment offices are open.

Grades are available at the end of the term, normally within 2 business days after the final examination period. Students may access their early warning, midterm and final grades through Web Advisor.

More information on grades may be found on the MCC Website for Grade Information. Students may access their academic performance notification, midterm and final grades through Web Advisor.



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