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I used it last winter and could not have been happier or warmer. I borrowed my friends mickey mouse boots when my regular work boots failed and I was sold! It's heavy, compared to modern bags, but it does what it says and it won't fall apart, even under heavy use. I really love it's protective quality, firm grip for smart movement, the vibram sole: strong and grippy. Do a good job of keeping the blowing Kuwaiti dust/sand out of your eyes, and CSM's off your butt for not wearing eye pro.The next day I bought my own and never regretted it aside from not knowing about these boots years ago. Actually, better than real deal, since it was new, and didnt have the funk from previous Soldiers in it. This desert boots also serve civilian purpose as i have been wearing them with my straight jean trousers. Issue M-65 and I see absolutely No difference regarding materials and Quality. As far as I can tell this is the exact E-Tool I had in the Army. I have to sleep in the same room with a VERY LOUD, yet sporadic snorer.The pants are slightly too long given what I ordered and they ride up very far on my hips above my belly button. Also I have noticed that when I polish with kiwi boot polish the next day the polish flakes off. Ordered it three week before Halloween and received it three weeks after Halloween. This was ordered when we posted 'no shipping until October 26, and the tracking indicates that it was delivered on October 29. it has a lot of pockets and i really like the fact that it has a water bottle pocket as well.I prefer my ABU's from the Air Force, though they are more expensive. But I am happy I bought them Excellent quality, I always bring my boonie hat to any sunny place, the materials are perfect. Perfect unused surplus still had the red x over the lens indicating that it is unused surplus and it also had the preservation powder on it. Please email us if this is not correct, as we would like to fix whatever went wrong - YY]Can already tell that this is way better than the Chine one I picked up years ago and proceeded to demolish in one use. i take this with me everywhere i go and it is everything i hoped it would be.

Service was excellent, fit and performance just right. Not only are these boots comfortable but my feet stay toasty warm. Finally, I have received several comments on the coat, some from complete strangers!The two sustainment pouches on the side can be removed if you wish, but make a very convenient place to store items that you want more handily accessible . We had received a batch of hats without the EGA, they are being replaced with the proper ones immediately -- Sales team)Issue item, genuine, good price.The top openings of both the pouches and main compartment can be cinched down to keep your gear in place in case you find yourself at odds with gravity. Had to replace my issued Woobie as I lost it to my daughter, then lost the new one, too, because it's got a "cool pattern." Have to purchase more, but this is the place to get it. These are hard-wearing, long-lasting, remarkably comfortable footwear. The mil-spec jungles are my go to summer footwear for working outside. You can really get them dirty, and they can really hold up.I can stand in the worst winter conditions and my feet stay warm and dry all day!! So i hereby recommend them for any body loving smart, beautiful and protective above all, light weight boots. For those seeking a Military M-65 this is also as exact as it gets with the exception of the brass zippers ... Golden Mfg makes an absolute Out-Standing Jacket and I'm Happy as heck with mine. The tunic is very good, reminds me of the one I wore in the 1960's. It even feels like it has been painted with the same spray paint I used before I returned mine to CIF. These are really the only boots i would want to wear with my uniform. The volume of the snoring changes from moment to moment.

They are not the most comfortable to walk in for long distances but with a few layers of socks you can create a nice cushion. I have owned a Vietnam era casualty bag for over 20 years and it's enormous because it's constructed to carry within it a stretcher assembly. I am overcome by the great quality,fit and finish of this device, especially since I much entertain an outdoor active lifestyle... An overall Great Coat for both Work and Sport, and Made in The U. Mc Guire quickly replaced the tunic when I returned it for a larger size. They're not soft, but not so rough as to be itchy (and I'm really sensitive to that). The dimensions of the blade make this the ideal tool for making a Dakota Fire Hole. They're light weight, have good ancle support, they have drainers, and they mold to your feet very well. The noise is impossible to become accustomed to and sleep through due to the stops and starts in addition to volume changes.i bought this to use as a work bag as well as an every day carry bag.

The pockets are very hard and loud to open due to the velco they use. I thought I would like velcro more, but it seems that Air Force ABUs actually have the buttons ergonomic enough that they still seem easier to unbutton quickly than these multicam pants are to unvelcro. These spacers do exactly what they should, which is compensate for a space difference inside the footwear. The boonie is design to keep you head always dry by the internal materials they used. The mask forms a perfect seal and works flawlessly. Should have heeded the buy once, cry once motto on this item. overall, this is a great product and is well worth the price. The run a complete size larger than listed so keep that in mind when you order.


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