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Gradually, he began “leveling” with them: In a raw moment toward the end of the episode, the aforementioned “sensitive” woman confronts him in person (the filmmakers had to shoot from a distance, at her request).That conversation spurs a string of revelations for Rhine, and he later grapples with his bad behavior; during one of these scenes, he shows the filmmakers a notebook containing a list of women he’s slept with.Over the course of a year, Ravi is sent on a whirlwind of dates across the U. and Canada via the “biodating” system (in which résumés are circulated within the Patel universe), a chain of weddings, online matrimonial websites, and even the Patel Matrimonial Convention.During the process, Ravi can’t seem to shake his documentarian sister who follows him around, inserting commentary at every turn. Ravi also serves as co-CEO of This Bar Saves Lives, which he founded with actors Ryan Devlin, Todd Grinnell, Kristen Bell, Jimmy Kimmel, Emily Blunt, John Krasinski, Kunal Nayyar, Alyssa Milano, Susan Sarandon, and many others. Patel Edited by Billy Mc Millin Matt Hamachek Geeta V. Patel Dhevi Natarajan Co-Producer Trishya Screwvala Associate Producer Dhevi Natarajan Music Supervisor Brooke Wentz Animation Character Design Jim Richardson Animation Studio Powerhouse Animation Studios, Inc.

Ramchandra Performed by Asha Bhosle Courtesy of Silva Screen Music America o/b/o Saregama India Ltd.“If no one ever calls you out on your bullshit, you tend to just let things slide,” he said.“I would sit down and talk to the producers, and they would talk to me in that matriarchal way where their tone was like, ‘You know what you're doing is wrong.’” In fact, he said that because of what he learned in the documentary, he recently broke up with a woman he’d been seeing in a face-to-face conversation: “I finally acted like an adult.” Each episode of Hot Girls Wanted: Turned On depicts the pitfalls, compulsions, threats, and unexpected tenderness of love and sex in the digital age.For his part, Rhine is unconcerned with what “randos on the internet” might think about him.

“I took the entire experience as a learning experience,” he said.

At first, he’s a classic Tinder jerk, flitting in and out of women’s lives with limited regard for their emotions, though he’s highly attuned to his own.


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