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The textile gallery displays the fabulous and magnificent collection of Indian traditional textiles of the later Mughal period. In this gallery most of the objects belong to Mexico, Peru, Maya, Inca, North-West coast of America, Panama, Costa Rica and El Salvador.One hundred and twenty-five choicest cotton, silk and woollen textiles, which are beautifully woven, printed, dyed and embroidered, have been displayed in the gallery. Apart from these some objects of Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Egypt and some objects of Germany and France are also displayed in the gallery. The tradition of carving wood in India for architecture, religious, utilitarian and decorative needs is well reflected in the gallery of wood carving. Most of the Indian instruments belong to the period between the 17th-19th centuries There are also a few 19th century Western instruments.The collection of coins in the National Museum is remarkable for its variety, rarity and antiquity. D., is well represented here along with the dioramas depicting various techniques of coin production.The entire history of Indian coinage, starting from about 6th century B. It has in it practically all Indian coins from the earliest bent bar, punch-marked coins to those of Indian States, British India and post-independence coins.


It also has copper tools from Harappan sites like axes, chisels, knives, etc.Vishnu, Laxshmi-Narayan (Lord Vishnu with his consort), Rama (one of the incarnations of Lord Vishnu), Varaha (Boar incarnation of Lord Vishnu), Narsimha (Lion and human incarnation of Lord Vishnu), Venugopal (Krishna with flute), etc.


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