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This is one of the dating sites for singles that is trying to keep up with Tinder, the most influential digital dating tool in recent years, by offering something like a swipe option.You do not literally swipe, of course, the way you do on the Tinder app, but you can sort through your Mate1 matches by clicking on a Nope, Interested or Skip button under their photos.



It’s the best placed around to actually talk to people and meet up with, and that’s no easy feat.

With this site, there are no compatibility tests the way there are with most online dating services.

Your personality is not defined by a color and there are not pages and pages of questions about your emotions.

Mate1 just asks a few basic questions about your looks, education and occupation before you are registered and ready to go.

There are only a handful of essay questions that you can opt to fill out as part of your profile later.This dating site does offer a fair amount of control in your searches, though there are sites that have more ways to filter.


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