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--P64 (talk) , 18 November 2011 (UTC) In passing the article states that dragons have no vocal chords.

I don't htink that's correct; dragons are incapable of human speech, of course, but they bugle constantly.

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Lawikitejana , 7 November 2006 (UTC) Currently the article lists the books in chronological order of events. First, it's confusing to someone who wants to start at the beginning and therefore ends up reading the ninth novel published.

Furthermore, in my opinion, it diminishes the enjoyment of the series -- while Dragonsdawn is a good novel, part of its charm is in learning the true origins of what you've already read about.

I hope I am not in violation of WP: SPAM by informing talk pages of some Fictional Universes about this thread.

Perhaps some other fan can pass the word to other relevant interests, or perhaps there ought to be some NPOV template at top of the talk pages.

It may need to be added to the top of the article, but I scanned through and found only a few vague hints about the situation following The White Dragon.

-Acjelen , (UTC) Has any writing/exploration been done to engage the similarities between the dragonriders and the fighter pilots of the modern world's air forces?

~ Dpr , 18 July 2005 (UTC) Mc Caffrey's son Todd Johnson (Todd Mc Caffrey) contributed to The Dragonlover's Guide to Pern (1989) an article on Threadfighting tactics based on his experience as a pilot (non-combat experience, iirc).

The result was a "technologically regressed survival planet" whose people were united against a threat from space, in contrast to America divided by the Vietnam War.

"The dragons became the biologically renewable air force, and their riders 'the few' who, like the RAF pilots in World War Two, fought against incredible odds day in, day out—and won." See: Wikipedia: Village_pump_(policy)/Archive X#How_about:_Sectioning_off_of.2Fpossible_banning_of_Fictional_Universe_articles.The layout is what I described above[*], although I had previously seen the table in a Pern book from about that time.


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