Prayer for dating relationship


To be always full of hope and never discouraged—even when you’re lonely and wondering when it will be your turn to find love—is a great witness to the world but admittedly one that isn’t always easy to keep up.But it’s a guidepost for those days when you just don’t feel like putting a smile on your face.You girls who are dating a man seriously, can see yourself marrying him someday, but just aren't to that season yet.


I knew that I wanted to grow a relationship and build a career centered around my faith—rather than a faith that somehow worked itself around a relationship and a career.I was working as a reporter at the time, and I actually ended up contacting him as a source for a pro-life campaign I was covering.We met for the interview—probably one of the longest interviews I’ve ever done (he’s not a big talker—but he was talking a lot! Afterwards, I turned off my recorder, was ready to go—but he surprised me and said, “So, tell me about yourself.” The tables had been turned!I’m not sure I would have met John-Paul if I hadn’t prayed to St.

Anne and if I hadn’t covered that pro-life campaign three years ago.But something that is near to my heart is praying for my boyfriend.


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    “We’re bringing in people who just want to park their money here,” says Justin Fung, a software engineer and second-generation Chinese-Canadian who counts himself among those frustrated by Vancouver’s surreal housing market.

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