Psychiatric test for bipolar online dating


Less intense manic phases Jil, a 29-year-old from Mississippi, first experienced symptoms of bipolar disorder (depressed mood, insomnia, excess energy) in high school.When she was 16, her doctor diagnosed her with major depression and prescribed the antidepressant sertraline (then known by its brand name, Zoloft).The medication made Jil "completely manic"—which antidepressants are believed to do in some people with bipolar disorder—and a year later, a different doctor finally diagnosed her as bipolar."I've always had more severe depression than mania," Jil explains. When Im manic I dont sleep and sometimes spend money when I know I shouldnt, but mainly I am very productive and mean as a hornet."Nobody really knows why some people with bipolar disorder present with mixed mania, or why women are more likely to experience this condition than men.


The first, known as bipolar I disorder, is characterized by pronounced manic—and even psychotic—episodes that often lead to hospitalization, and therefore a correct diagnosis.

I used to cycle rapidly, but medications have slowed things down a lot, so I dont have ups and downs as frequently as I did before." Compared to the average woman with bipolar disorder, Jils experience is unusual in some ways.


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