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1) Repeatability – An indication of the ability of a single piece of metrology equipment to provide consistent results taking into account variation induced to measurements attributable a single person, measuring the same part specimen, over multiple trials.2) Reproducibility – An indication of the ability of a single piece of metrology equipment to provide consistent results.OQ – confirms that equipment operates as intended in terms of the equipment manufacturer’s own expectations.The OQ check involves running through a standard operating procedure (SOP) for each state of the equipment to ensure it performs per the manufacturer’s own design intent.As defined by NIST, “Traceability of measurement requires the establishment of an unbroken chain of comparisons to stated references, each with a stated uncertainty.” A description of OQ – Operational Qualification, is made clearer when expressed in terms of the implementation of an actual piece of metrology equipment.



The Gage R&R measures the amount of variability induced in measurements by the measurement system itself, and compares it to the total variability observed to determine the viability of the measurement system.(See Traceability sidebar.) A general list of items of interest to an OQ check of metrology equipment includes: The final check in the series, PQ verifies that the equipment is capable of satisfactorily measuring the end user’s actual workpieces, as they will be manufactured.



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