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Some Hallmarks on Gold and Silver are rarer either because the Assay Office is no longer operating or the hall marks refer to special years or events.

The Assay hallmarks feature; Chester, Exeter, Glasgow and Newcastle.

If it seems to be American, this dictionary will help.


In the Victorian era Exeter was closed in 1883 and Newcastle was closed in 1884.

When the American silversmiths were first “discovered” in the early 1900s, most collectors felt that only the eighteenth-century makers were important.

Now, years later, collectors know that fine American silver was also made during the nineteenth, twentieth and twenty-first centuries. Learn to know good work by its shape, feel, and construction.

Understanding British Hallmarks The 8 hallmarks that guarantee the quality and value on UK Assayed products.


Gold and Silver Hallmark Guide Buy this hallmark guide for your iphone, ipod touch or mobile device for £2.99 now.Many makers used their last name, or first initial and last name. They were meant to mislead the public into believing that the silver was of English origin.


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