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Bonjour à Liz et Maisie à Frank;repos de l'âme de Boby Farell Amen! Was mit MILLI Vanilli geschah,und so vielles schlechtes was er gemacht hat. If you feel like getting away from the rat race for a bit drop me a line..we've found paradise here & yes it does exist... You are a wonderful person who cares for her fans and that’s why I LOVE YOU sooooo much!!! As a child I admired Boney M and you were always my favourite. I see how much you loved her , like I loved my big black dog (died 4 months ago , almost 16 years old ) I hope that my dream will come true to meet you in person. 2008 – |Hello Marcia greetings from Mexico, we love your music and we will always remember the old good days of Boney M. MARY VIJAYA, Chief functionary, UNITY CHARITABLE TRUST, 80, NEERAVI STREET, VIRUDHUANAGAR – 626 001, TAMILNADU, INDIA Blog: Date: 7/15/2008, pm, EDT Name: Helge Morken Email: [email protected]: 27 Hi Marcia! ” Espacially “come into my life”, “hey joe” and your excellent lyrics to “Albatross”, which captures the mood of the melody perfectly, make people stop talking and start listening. Kind regards, Mathew from Cologne *** Date: 6/29/2008, pm, EDT Name: Ralph RUIZ Email: [email protected]: 24 Dear Marcia, a couple of years ago, I posted a message on this site to express how much I appreciated you. L.|Liebe Marica, es freut mich besonders wieder Ihre wunderbare Stimme zu hören. That memory can be false, but I wrote your name (Boney M) beside Judas Iscariot based on the LP of that time. *** Date: 3/19/2008, am, EDT Name: Benje Number: 8 Marcia thanks for a fantastic show in Bangalore. You both were one of the nicest guests i ever had on board. Gratulation for the giving chikenfell Album “come into my life”.

I spent 15 years as a DJ, and I never played or heard this wonderful music on the radio. My address is: Dimitriy Kipiani Street, house 18, flat 49. Marcia du wars immer meine Favorite und hoffe das du all das beste erlebst in deine zukunft. Can you believe it's been 10 years since our festival? 70's Jamaica without the political aspect I'm guessing. I am so happy that you have overcome the sad period in your life and that you can live again to the full. My roots are in India , but born in Surinam and was adopted by Dutch people. Listened to Boney M and the Jacksons Well I can go on and on , hope you read this . 2008 – |Zaki|My name zaki ibraheem i’m from YEMEN simply i loved Bony M group they was in my days of youth so i want to tell them Liza Maizie Bobby Marcia dear Bony M stars i’m still enjoying with yours beauty songs i wish from allah to keep yours a happy life and to enjoy safely life I wish to heard about Bobby Farrell news is he still a live ? *** Date: 7/27/2008, pm, EDT Name: peter Basler Email: [email protected]: 30 hello marcia hope asll is well – love and best to marcuss as well peter basler *** Date: 7/23/2008, am, EDT Name: Hazel Geanas Email: [email protected]: 29 hi loveyou *** 19 Jul. I have written to you from time to time just to express my admiration for you as an artist. When I have friends over I often have your “Come into my life” album playing in the background, and people always say “wow! Even my friends who are reallly not into Boney M at all, have to admit that your music rocks and that your sensual, edgy voice lifts the songs to a new level. I’m a Dutch born French fan of Luv’ (Holland’s greatest girl group ever). Best regards, Ralph *** Date: 6/28/2008, am, EDT Name: wayne demercado Email: [email protected] Number: 23 Hello mum! 2008 – |Ronald|Dear Marcia I’d like to know if you planing to come to Berlin or somewhere in Germany in the next month for a concert? 2008 – |Hallo Marcia, ich habe Dein Interview auf Dragonland-Radio in Berlin gehört, Habe mich sehr gefreut deine Stimme wieder zuhören. Ihre CD “Come into my life” gefälltm ir ausgesprochen gut. Köln *** Date: 4/22/2008, am, EDT Name: Arjuna Email: [email protected]: 17 Sri Lanka is waiting for you. Your team was wonderful and you are looking just FABULOUS! I send you best greeting and send you force to live long long time.

It took a while to get rolling again after the festival... Love to Marcus & hope all's grand with love, health & outlook... I am hoping that you will be releasing some new recordings soon. Continue to supply us, your FANS with your inspiring and uplifting songs that you and Marcus created. xoxo I live in Belfast Northern Ireland, it would be out of this world if you came here for a gig, Belfast is my fave tune, but thats hardly surprising!!! You should set up your own channel, it would be great to see and hear what you get up to. Alles Liebe Linda Meine E-mail: [email protected]*** Date: 5/12/2008, pm, EDT Name: Kim nails Number: 20 Hey Marcia greats to you Love Kim Nails in Göttingen *** Date: 5/6/2008, pm, EDT Name: carlo Email: [email protected]: 19 good night Marcia wherever you are Carlo Italy. I Your live full of events i dont know if You remember “Sopot Festival 79” You whose there with Liz Mazie and Bobby like a guests and after quickly You come to my city Zabrze for another concert on “Gornik stadium” i whose there and i remember emotions and energy of this show! now enyone Liz Bobby Mazie make our little boney m but it is not the same. Because, i’ve been listining songs of Boney M, since i was 10 years old. A day i had been informed that the Boney’s M group was divided, i did not believe. *** Date: 4/14/2008, am, EDT Name: Flory Sinsi Walala Email: [email protected]: 13 Really, i’m very happy to read an article talking about you today. Kind regards, Mathew from Cologne very best greetings from me. As the old adage would put it “Twenty friends cannot live together in the same town for twenty years without an incidence of some sort. Your uncle Daniel’s ( mums brother) grandson Aaron.. Name: chizi Ilo City: lagos, Nigeria Sent: 20-Jul-2007 PM I’ve always loved your music right frm childhood,you all are the best,and your looking so good,keep up the good work.cheers!

Andrew Date: 10/14/2015, am, EDT Name: Carlos Number: 293 Happy Birthday, Marcia! And that you will celebrate a lot more birthday parties in the future. *** Date: 10/12/2015, am, EDT Name: Emile Number: 292 I hope you have a nice birthday on 14 I hope that you and Marcus reach the 20000 lightyears before you leave Planet earth to be taken to wilde. I have always loved your voice and enjoy listening to all your Boney M solos together. Your Survival Cd, No war Peace and Love and Come Into My Life are all classics. Much love and big hugs and kisses, Scott E [email protected]*** 16 Jun. *** Date: 4/27/2008, pm, EDT Name: Dora Palomeque Email: [email protected]: 18 I come from Ecuador a small country in Sudamerica, but i love your music a love Boney M, now i live in USA, but i hopr see you here some day God bless you with love Dora. Because Boney M was a sign of love, peace and unit. Because, when i’ve been listining to Boney’s M songs, I was 10 years old. Your voice *** Date: 4/6/2008, pm, EDT Name: Si Thu Email: [email protected]: 12 I very like your all songs. My mum Shirley told me to check you out, well hop all is well… Name: Christian City: Angermünde Deutschland Sent: 20-Jul-2007 PM Hy, vielen Dank Marcus, dass du von Marcia und mir 2 tolle Fotos ins Net gestellt hast. Name: jake Sent: 20-Jul-2007 PM marcia you rock girl.

Thanks awfully Marcia, your loving songs are simply the joy that nurtured my childhood. Iwas there at the pink ribbon concert in hyderabad and i should say you were BRILLIANT!! XX *** Date: 10/14/2008, am, EDT Name: Irina Email: [email protected]: 39 Dear Marcia, I am thinking of you today first thing in the morning. We try to reach you by the phone, but something wrong is there… Already since I’ve heard you my first LP Take The Heat Off Me! Regards Ronald Koster Name: POLARD Fabien City: France Sent: 14-Oct-2007 AM Dear Marcia, I miss you so, on the french TV show and on stages. The first thing I looked for your name and immediately went to your page on that site. I read few things and looked through few of your pictures.

Well my dear When I miss you I go to your website and watch you and your Team of Dancers. Trowers Dear Marcia: I never have the chance to give thanks for the music you did with Boney M, earlies 70s. YOU HAVE INSPIRED SO MANY PEOPLE ALL AROUND THE WORLD. Hallo Marcia,ich war in meine kindheit ein rieseger fan von Boney M. Enjoy your day, whatever it may bring With much love from Wayne & Bradley xxx *** Date: 10/14/2008, am, EDT Name: ian lucas Email: [email protected]: Number: 37 a very happy birthday to you Marcia – hope you’re enjoying yourself, keeping well and making fantastic music. You are a FANTASTIC person, who brought so much joy with your voice and music. You are truly a beautiful person on the outside, heart and soul. 2008 – |I blame you for monopolizing my musical appreciation recently! 2008 – |Suzy and Jenny|Hey Marcia and Marcus- Nice site! I would be honor if you can write me back on my email but would understand if you dont.

*** Date: 9/1/2015, pm, EDT Name: marcella Number: 290 Elvis presley. Who will be the third original showman.i quess no bobby and boney m stays the basic of now todays show in the music/dance scene for the world’s rest time *** Date: 8/26/2015, am, EDT Name: ronnie Number: 289 Take the heat of silent lover, King of the rode tank you for your great singing ,s,s *** Date: 8/23/2015, pm, EDT Name: jessica Number: 288 Liz can say what she wants on tv but the scandal members of boney m. MANUEL Name: Ralph City: Salon-de-Provence, France Sent: 30-Apr-2007 PM Dear Marcia, I’ve seen on Liz Mitchell’s site that you and her have recently attended “Daddy Cool”‘s premiere in Berlin. a mexican man) Name: Marco van Beek City: Antalya, Turkey Sent: 13-Feb-2007 AM Dear Marcia! Really hoping we can meet again, after so many years… I got your CD for my spouse for the New Year as a present.

Are not bobby and maizie but l IZ and Frank!!!!!!!! It was nice to see you besides you Boney M colleague. One love, Marco Name: Henri Boeck City: Berlin Sent: 29-Jan-2007 AM Hello Marcia… And I brought CD at work and all my co-workers were listenning. Name: Samm De Lorenzo City: London, Ontario CANADA Sent: 08-Jan-2007 PM Dearest Marcia, I am very proud to say that I have finally got a copy of your new album “Come Into My Life” comming in the mail.

why did he than made the Sound of rivers of babylon’mary’s boy child and boat of the river and also cover some showelements of boney m.???????? Sent: 27-Apr-2007 AM Hi Marcia, I was born and grew up in Cuba listening to Boney M’s music, you were the number one band there for many years. Danielle Name: Rita City: Forchheim, Germany Sent: 30-Mar-2007 PM hey Marcia! Name: Indiana and Jackie Robinson City: Miami, FL Sent: 25-Mar-2007 PM Hi Marcia and Marcus, Glad to see that you are both fine, working and travelling. Love Indy and Jackie Name: karsten Wagner / Cap K City: Kassel/Germany Sent: 22-Mar-2007 PM Dear Marcia, it’s fantastic, that you are back in business so well again! Name: Donald Klasson City: sweden stockholm Sent: 23-Feb-2007 AM Hi Marica I think you are best. Please let me know my dream is to meet you once in life. Thankyou for all the years of great music and God Bless you and Marcus in 2007 and beyond!

”) and you and Boney M have had a great impact on my life throughout the years. My uncle who was (and is) my very best friend, was always in love with you and was hoping to find a wife that would remind him of you ) Hope that this will make you smile When I think of you and your music, I think of the best years of my life! Great seeing all the pictures – We’ve enjoyed catching up with the info on the site. *** Date: 2/29/2008, am, EDT Name: karunakaran Email: [email protected]: 5 Hello Marcia, i have been listening to only Boneym music since 1978. waitin to see in bangalore 8-02 2008 at palace grounds. and things didnt remain as good with your most wonderful group Boney M as they should be.

This site is wonderfull…Happy new year and I hope we continue listening and enjoying your wonderfull voice and melody for many many years more. Although I was certain that this money was not going to the members of the group’s pocket, I was honored to pay respect to you and your friends of that time. *** Date: 10/19/2008, pm, EDT Name: Gábor Királyszéki Email: [email protected]: 48 Dear, Seher Geliebte, Imádott Marcia ! *** Date: 10/17/2008, pm, EDT Name: Marco Email: [email protected]: 47 Dear Marcia! Andrzej *** Date: 10/14/2008, pm, EDT Name: carlos (Spain) Number: 43 Happy Birthday, Marcia! ) *** Date: 10/14/2008, am, EDT Name: dermot, Ireland Number: 40 Many happy returns on your birthday and lots of love from Ireland ,now and always from Dermot. ) *** Date: 1/22/2008, pm, EDT Name: KIM Number: 3 Marcia it`s nice to see that your GUESTBOOK is working again. *** Date: 1/22/2008, am, EDT Name: tom Number: 2 We love you marcia your voice is fantastic. Warmest regards and thank you *** Name: Jazmyn City: Long Beach Calif. All the best wishes, good luck, good health and lots of happiness!!! It all began reading a news article on that Boney M is going to perform in Georgia. While yours and Liz’s voice were magical, I felt a tremendous attraction in your smile and face.


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