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“It was my Dad’s way of saying what he wanted to say to me, except he got Lawrence to say it.

I loved that team, so to be chewed out like that by someone like that really got to me,” Beadle told the Daily Beast.

Beadle didn’t graduate, dropping out after her GPA hit 0.7.

Then, she decided to travel around, eventually landing in San Antonio, where her father helped her get that important first job in the media.

When asked if she was expecting any big Christmas gifts, she said she wasn’t. That would’ve been the only shot at something nice,” she told the site with a laugh. In a 2015 Daily Beast interview, Beadle described her mother as a “super-hippie in the ’70s” who once protested by handcuffing herself to the American embassy in Rome.

The much-reported new co-host for Sports Nation has been officially announced by ESPN, and it's Charissa Thompson, better known from Numbers Never Lie on the network. Thompson is a former sideline reporter with Fox and the NFL Network, and was probably more known for her in-studio and sideline work on the Big Ten Network.Smith’s First Take comments on Ray Rice, when Smith implied women could be to blame for domestic violence. In her Daily Beast interview, Beadle said she was reprimanded for the tweets, too.“I’m not a reporter, so I get to say whatever—and then I’ll get called into the office.The 40-year-old Beadle was born in Italy but spent most of her childhood in Texas.


She attended the University of Texas at San Antonio before her broadcasting career.She said she doesn’t know how her quotes in the book suddenly became a “negative” with Andrews. Beadle has never stopped sharing what’s on her mind.


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