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Kirk dies from was more consistently excellent for much longer), yet I knew many Trekkies who wouldn’t give it the time of day because it had a stationary setting, the main character wasn’t a captain at first, and/or the tone was darker.

(Conversely, I find stories, where some fans enjoyed it because it scratched a Picard itch for them.) Some love the Abrams movies for capturing the swashbuckling feeling of the original series (and/or the best Kirk/Spock movies), while others resent a story of science and diplomacy being co-opted into another action tentpole movie.

While not a direct replica of the ambient noise from that show, closely mimicking goes a long way in bringing longtime fans back to the feel of the series., both on TV and in film.

While non-Vulcans have used the technique before, it is a rarity.

, but we have a new show to talk about, so I’ll just hit two: 1) There is no way at all that James T.

Kirk’s blissful fake afterlife wouldn’t involve him being perpetually young and in command of his own starship, and 2) James T.


The best and most beloved of all the films () was built around the idea of Kirk and Picard finally meeting, and even though the recent J. Abrams films take place in an alternate timeline, Leonard Nimoy still found his way into the first two to mentor Zachary Quinto’s new Spock.That starts with the introduction of characters like Ambassador Sarek (James Frain), who happens to be the father of original series character Spock (Leonard Nimoy), and a younger version of Harry Mudd (Rainn Wilson), who appeared on that same show. After watching the two-part series premiere, From the moment First Officer Michael Burnham (Sonequa Martin-Green) steps onto the bridge of the USS Shenzhou, one small but incredibly important detail was very apparent.


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