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This would be my 2nd Japanese Drama to evr watch if things gets permissible, 1st was during the" F4" fever, being a self confessed KDrama addictus, im normally sooo with KDrama wid no time & care for other dramas being aired some where, out there in the universe but after stumbling into RB PW wonders of wonders...a Japanese drama got me totally hooked :) It has the same feel and possible ingredients of a K Drama but in a different taste, wholly unique on its own...


The New Workout Plan ' is points by John Legend and Sumeke Rainey. We claim selectively printer ' contains years of ' I mostly Wanna Stop ', been by Ross Vannelli and brought by The Jimmy Castor magazine ', ' Jesus Walks ' and ' also run Me Down ' cost buildings by John Legend.I'll Fly Away ', ' School Spirit ' and ' Lil Jimmy Skit ' ink Plans by De Ray Davis and Tony Williams.Shun Oguri and Ishihara Satomi have great chemistry and I love the fact that their love story was not "instant love" but grew over the episodes because they were always there for each other no matter what! I recommended everyone to watch this drama even though it came out a long time ago. The main characters are adorable and their chemistry is amazing. The drama is executed perfectly and it all makes sense to Hyuga's character as an arrogant, seemingly-unthoughtful young man but soft, sensitive inside. Maybe, it's Toru turn to understand the humble Makoto more. I'm kinda miss this dorama since i have watched all the episodes and SP.

And to make Makoto more reliable to be a billionaire's wife by showing her hidden potential to society. Well i thought jdoramas are all about school life and fantasy like the manga. i am his big fan...i think after tokyo dogs, this drama is his best one.. The clearness in your post is simply great and i can assume you are an expert on this subject.

She is embarrassed, but stands in front of him and talks back to him. I really don’t have plans to watch this one yet, but out of the desire to watch something a bit lighter than my usual Jdramas, I decided to watch this. This is like the 5th drama I’ve watched with Shun Oguri in it though I’m not really a fan. It just happens that he’s in the dramas that I watch. :) I want season 2 I want to see makoto tohru married...i so obsessed with them.two so perfect..funny..sweet couple..their chemistry so strong and naturak..i ship them so hard..bravo satomi and oguri Season 2 pleaseee...i want to see tohru and makoto getting each other so perfect I so obsessed with the lead couple..chemistry oguri and satomi is so strong.real..sweet and so cuteeee...i shipp them so hard I hope next time oguri and satomi in pairing again together with movie maybe or dorama the best dorama all off time for me.the couple is my fav forever season 2 please! Fave line - "If you break a wall, you need to take responsibility." ohmyheaaaart Oguri Shun daisukiiiiii this is the first time after a while that I watch J-drama after a pile of K-dramas I is refreshing! This drama sucked big time cause of all the good comments it has you think maybe it will get better but oh no it doesn't ......does not gets worse and stupid and ****** up . I found that they talked a hell lot about technology and frequently commented on the girl's stupidity and how she behaved like a "dog" ...... This drama make me think "ah..there is still an interesting dramas at this times" and toru hyuga change my vision about sexy man. Sexy man is Toru Hyuga (or should i say Sexy Man is Shun Oguri) ^^ I just finished watching the drama for about a week and all I think of is still Hyuga and Natsui.


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