Test wiedzy ekonomicznej online dating


Poles are poorly educated when it comes to finance.That’s why it’s important to have educational initiatives undertaken by a range of institutions and targeted at different communities.Working in association with various organizations and foundations specializing in educating children and young people, the central bank has carried out projects such as Moje Finanse (My Finances), which covered more than 120,000 school students and 1,600 teachers; Ekonomia na co dzie (Everyday Economics)—over 120,000 students and 3,000 teachers; Olimpiada Przedsibiorczoci (Business Olympiad)—more than 20,000 students; Olimpiada Wiedzy Ekonomicznej (Economics Olympiad)—about 12,000 students; and Ekonomiczny Uniwersytet Dziecicy (Children’s University of Economics)—about 1,500 children.The NBP also helps journalists improve their business skills by providing a special postgraduate study program called System finansowy pastwa oraz podstawy i praktyka polityki pieninej i fiskalnej (The Public Finance System and the Fundamentals and Practice of Monetary and Fiscal Policies) in partnership with the Polish Academy of Sciences (PAN).The survey, called Stan wiedzy i wiadomoci ekonomicznej Polakw, was designed to find out how much respondents know about business, finance and economics.

The NBP’s Accessible Finance Academy (Akademia Dostpne Finanse) is another original initiative aimed at increasing public awareness of the benefits and opportunities of having a bank account and using facilities such as credit and debit cards and electronic banking.

The National Bank of Poland (NBP) plays a key role among these institutions.



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