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Bead chain is composed of spheres of metal rather than open links.


Anodised chain is not a chain design but a chain that has undergone a coating process using electrolysis to give a protective or decorative oxide finish.Beaded chain is composed of beads either strung onto and secured along the length of a standard chain, or individually joined together using wire loops which pass through the bead and connect to the next wire looped bead along until they create a length of chain.Beading chain can either be a fine tubular link chain which is thin enough to fit through standard bead holes or a fine crimpable chain similar in style to snake chain which can be used with crimps to secure the beads along its length.Bar chain is composed of small links or jump rings separated by metal bar links which can be curved, decorative, elongated, hollow, shaped, solid, twisted or a combination of these.

This varied style of jewellery chain is also know as link and bar chain.

To these can be added a variety of applied metal finishes and coloured enamels with the most popular being Copper Plated Chain and antique finish Bronze Jewellery Chain.



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