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The material and tools I learned during the program serve as an anchor to which I can relate in my daily work, and have helped me become a well-rounded professional.

But most importantly, I have developed personally and, thanks to our diverse class, learned how to work with colleagues from many different cultures.” After working as an engineer for three years, I wanted to take on more responsibility and understand more about business and how companies operate in general.

MBS also has a broad network of innovative and established companies, and the program includes the opportunity to be exposed to and work for these companies for the final Business Master Project.

The Mannheim Full-Time MBA gave me the opportunity to work with people from different backgrounds, nationalities and styles, which not only allowed me to grow from the international experience, but also to learn from the different management styles.

To achieve a change in industry and role, I saw the MBA as the best platform to achieve my goals within a very short period of time.

I was lucky enough to change my career completely, as I landed in a post-MBA leadership program that specifically recruited from Mannheim Business School.


Excellence: Theoretically based and practice-oriented learning from Germany’s best business faculty Internationality: Internationally renowned faculty members and classes with participants from more than 20 countries as the best preparation for a career in global top management Value for Money: Regular placements among the top ten in the category ‘Value for Money’ in the worldwide ranking of the Financial Times are the best evidence that the Mannheim MBA is more than worth its price Intensity: An accelerated program, taught in small classes, maintaining an intensive exchange with professors and fellow participants Flexibility: Specialization courses as well as the option to add an international exchange or internship allow an individual setting of priorities Career Perspectives: An MBA at the highest international level in the heart of one of the most successful and innovative world’s economies; effective support in career development and job search Practical Orientation: Teaching content with practical relevance, renowned guest speakers from companies, and a three-month team project at the end of the program prepare for future challenges Personal Development: Group work in diverse teams, soft skill workshops, and a Social Project develop and strengthen your key competences Mannheim MBA participants represent the core values of our school with regard to diversity of work experience, cultural background and a broad range of educational experience.I think working in many different, highly diverse teams is a great way to learn from each other.Through courses, company speakers, and group projects, I accumulated a broad basis of business know-how, which enabled me to manage the shift from engineering to strategy consulting.” I had been working in engineering for five years and wanted to give my career a new direction.It was an entire year dedicated to both personal and professional growth, and I loved it.

Before joining MBS, I thought I had international experience, having worked in an international and multicultural company… Working in another country with 23 nationalities, diverse group assignments, and a broad spectrum of personalities every day obliges you to jump out of your comfort zone and develop the empathy and the understanding you need to communicate better and to build strong working relationships with others.

Achieving the Business Master Project and Social Sustainability Project goals were great team experiences!



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