Who is anna torv dating now

Any Murdoch marriage has dynastic implications and Jerry has arrived at a particularly awkward time.

Tensions within Rupert’s family have barely eased since the British phone-hacking scandal five years ago almost brought down his entire empire.

As Lynn Barber, an eminent British interviewer, says, “Any time I quoted anything from one of her previous interviews, she denied having said it.”Well, that’s one way to keep your life story fresh. Raised in a dreary Texas town, the daughter of an alcoholic truck driver, she became a teenage model, reigned over the catwalks of Paris and Milan, married and divorced the world’s most libidinous rock star, and now, at the age of 59, has landed its most powerful media tycoon.“Obviously, I was wrong.”Enter Wendi Deng, a one-time waitress in a Los Angeles noodle parlour, with what Vogue describedas “the kind of looks usually reserved for a James Bond villainess”.The suspicions that surround Rupert’s dealings settled on the theory he married her to advance his Chinese business interests.Rupert’s portfolio of properties includes homes in California, New York, the Rocky Mountains, London and Melbourne.

The big question is not where the newlyweds will live, but how. Attached as he is to the concept of marriage, it would be hard to argue that Rupert has been a good husband.His first wife, Patricia Booker, a Melbourne airline stewardess, weathered disapproval from the Murdoch clan, only to be abandoned 11 years later for Anna Torv, a young Sydney journalist.



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