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In more recent years, WWE has been moved to address the dangers of its sport—the concussions, the seizures, the spasms.But sooner or later, every wrestler gets hurt, and it's not part of the act.And within the first five months of my wrestling career, I'd already had three concussions.And for years after that, I would get a concussion here and there, or here or there." That's two "here and there's" too many for one brain.

And really our whole relationship I've been used to his depression, but definitely in the last two years I know, OK it comes, it hits hard, but it only lasts for two days." It appears that Bryan is leaving the ring at just the right time, before—as we'll see with some of the other retirees in this article—it's too late.

In recent years, questions have been raised by the media and medical community about the impact of professional contact sports on an athlete's brain.



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    " "But you have a beautiful baby," offered Meyers, whose son Ashe makes frequent appearances on his own Instagram.

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