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From wikipedia: "Earth Angel" was recorded as a literal garage demo.

"Everytime the dog barked next door, I'd have to go out and shut him up, and then we'd do another take," remembered Williams.

Thee Headcoatees were primarily a garage band that backed up the Thee Headcoats.

She performed two songs on the soundtrack of the film Broken Flowers: "There Is an End (featuring Holly Golightly)" by The Greenhornes & Holly Golightly (which can also be found on the Greenhornes' album Dual Mono), and "Tell Me Now So I Know" by Holly Golightly (found on the album Truly She Is None Other), which is a song originally written by Ray Davies.

Not only with the chords changed, but with all these bizarre words. Truthfully, though, the production on "Elenore" WAS so damn good.

It was my feeling that they would listen to how strange and stupid the song was and leave us alone. Lyrically or not, the sound of the thing was so positive that it worked. Released nine months before the album of the same title, the song became one of the greatest musical successes of 1974, as well as of Roberta Flack's recording career.

and two weeks at #1 on the Adult Contemporary charts of both Canada and the U. Flack produced the record under the pseudonym Rubina Flake.

It went on to receive three Grammy nominations for Flack: Record of the Year, Song of the Year, and Best Pop Vocal Performance, Female."Feels So Good" is the title of a 1978 instrumental by the American flugelhorn player Chuck Mangione.



It was produced through amplifying a grand piano and sending the signal through a Leslie rotating speaker.Each verse of the song follows a pattern of three strophes.



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